Kitchen Vans

At Vansite we can design and build a custom kitchen Caravan facility to your requirements, whether you need to comply to council codes for a commercial kitchen or to the code of a food van.

If required a cool or freezer room , this can be incorporated in to the design along with generator options, gas and airconditioning options.

Combination designs are also our speciality , i.e incorporating to your kitchen a chefs quarters, dining room , bathroom facilities or kitchen managers office.

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Vansite 6 Metre Gourmet Kitchen

6 metre Gormet kitchen – this kitchen has been designed to cater for a 20 to 40 man camp – 3 meals per day , This facility may also form part of out 20- 40 man camp facility.

Vansite 9 Metre Supreme Kitchen

9 metre supreme kitchen, the 9 series supreme kitchen is the flagship kitchen facility in our range . this larger unit is designed to be transported into remote places for remote setup. The unit has been designed to cater for camp sizes of 40 + personel. This facility usually works side by side with a dining and cool room trailer.

Vansite Food Van

food van – need something funky to attract customers , and pass food preparation council requirements , our retro food van may just do the trick. For more information call

Cool room

Vansite Cool Room

If you are looking for just a basic cool room or something a bit more complex , we specialise in incorporating cool rooms into commercial caravans . for more information email

Combination support vans

Vansite Cold Room Dry Store

This particular cold room / dry store caravan model is also available with a freezer cold room. Its main purpose is to be a support vehicle to a mobile kitchen or remote camp , the additional sleeping quarters provide accommodation to kitchen support staff.

Vansite Mobile Kitchen Caravan

This particular Mobile kitchen Caravan is also available with a cool room instead of a toilet and shower . this kitchen will cater for a medium size mobile camp (approx. 50 persons). The side annex provides a camp style dining room.

Vansite Supreme Kitchen Caravan

This combination works for both the gourmet and supreme kitchen Caravan models. I addition a cool room / dry store can be attached to the other side of the kitchen as a triple combination.

Vansite Cold Room

There are many different scenarios where a cold room could be incorporated into a Caravan, It all depends on what you are trying to achieve. We design and manufacture caravans for clients. Weather is for a mobile butchery or  to smoke ribs. It you have any questions regarding the mechanics of a design, feel free to give us a call.

Vansite Explorer Range

The explorer range is basicly a caravan with more of a unit feel- Ithas been designed to provide kitchen ,  shower amenities  and  accommodation for remote worksites for smaller crews . This model may also be utilised with a 4 bed accommodation van to expand a  camp.