Domestic Caravans

Heavy duty Caravans. For Clients who are searching for a Heavy duty alternative to the standard domestic Caravan. Our caravans are Australian built for Australian conditions.

Australia can be a remote and at times hostile environment. Extreme heat, cold, storms and drought all form part of our country. During all this, work and Play has to go on. We build our vans for our environment so they are as tough as Australia is.

Vansite’s Domestic range is constructed using our industrial platform ( chassis), but has been fitted out the feel of a domestic caravan.

The overall difference is the van has been engineered to cope with the harshest environments and conditions , and will still be strong and robust. One other big advantage is, being a smaller manufacturer building only 20 to 30 vans a year we work closely with our clients to Custom design their van to exactly the specs they desire.

Our experience allows us to guide you through the custom design process to create a design which works , and utilises any wasted space. Generally our lead time is 10 -12 weeks .

Vansite Domestic Caravans
Vansite Domestic Caravans

Rural Caravan options – Given the opportunity, we enjoy working with our clients to customise a design unique for them and bring their caravan dreams alive.

Vansite Domestic Caravans

Motorsport Trailer options – We can design a custom motorsport trailer to suit your motorsport type, weather is Go carts, speedway, weekend trail biking or competition events. For more information contact

Vansite Domestic Caravans

Custom Vans – We can help to design and construct any custom van you desire. If you have an idea and want to bring it to reality , we can assist you with this. Please see below for some potential combinations

  • Caravans geared toward traveling with a working space ( i.e barber/hairdresser)
  • Caravans with emphasis on both lifestyle and motorsport or fishing (boat storage)
  • Caravans for bigger families
  • Caravans for Remote Work and Family Holidays