Custom Build

Whether you need a mobile kitchen, site office, accommodation Caravan or are just looking for a heavy duty caravan with the creature comforts of a domestic caravan, Vansite has the experienced team to custom build and design products tailored specifically to your needs and requirements.

Custom Builds are our speciality. We have a step by step process to design and price your desired caravan, and a lead time of 6 – 10 weeks for custom orders.

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Custom Build Options

Vansite Caravan Interior

Interior – we can customise your caravan interior to your specific style and design.

Vansite Custom Builds - LPG Gas

Gas options – LPG gas  appliances are available . We install Gas fridges, slide out BBQ,s, stoves &  hot water systems.

Vansite Custom Builds - Toilet

Size and  height and length – We build caravans from 12 foot to 28 foot and up to 3.6 metres high (including Axels).

Vansite Custom Builds - Axels

Axels – we offer a tandem or triple axel configuration. ASll axel have electric brakes for caravan over 2 tonne. Other braking options are also available.

Vansite Custom Builds - Doors

Doors – we have two options for doors:  (1) A powder coated metal clad door or (2) the Camec  door with 2nd fly screen door.

Vansite Custom Builds - Windows

Windows – we have two options for windows: (1) The gjames face fix window and screen or (2) the Dometic Seitz PVC window with built in blind and fly screen.

Vansite Custom Builds - Awning

Awning – We can manufacture you van with a roll out awning or an complete side annex.

Vansite Custom Builds - Tanks

Tanks – We install Water ,black waste and diesel up to 4000 litres.

Vansite Custom Builds - Office

Office – Site offices can be configured to suit the clients requirements , this particular site office was for a geology crew.

Vansite Custom Builds - Satellite

Satellite – roof top mounted – commercial and domestic.

Vansite Custom Builds - Generator

Generator – Diesel and Petrol powered generators are available, from 2 kva to 12 kva.

Vansite Custom Builds - Light Tower

Light tower – 700 Watt 8 metre light tower.

Vansite Custom Builds - Saddle Racks

Saddle racks – equipped for mustering & equestrian.

Vansite Custom Builds - Solar Panels

Solar –  An integrated 12 V system with solar power is a popular option.