Amenities Caravans

Our Amenities caravans can be designed as a toilet block, shower block, laundry or a combination of all three. The vans can be designed to plug into an existing mains plumbing network or plug into a mobile plumbing network. Depending on your sites  location, the management of waste can be treated in three different ways.

  1. Capture the black waste and transport off site
  2. Capture the waste and treat onsite
  3. Use site infrastructure to remove the waste

There are two different types of waste the black waste and the grey waste, each site have different criteria with regards to who you can treat the types of waste. One option we have with regards to treating the black waste on site it to utilise an incinolet toilet system. This burns the black waste to a sterile ash allowing it to be disposed of in the general waste. The other main option is to capture the black  waste in a black tank and transfer to a waste truck for removal off site. With regards to the grey water waste , some sites allow this to go to ground while others want it captured and utilise this for road works etc. both options can be catered for in your vans plumbing design.

Vansite Amenities Caravans
Vansite Amenities Caravans

Waste tank based – This is a mobile caravan which weighs under 3 tonne and can be transported empty by a standard 4×4 with a a towing capacity less than 3.5 tonne. One the van is detached from the vehicle and setup it can then carry 6000 litres of fluids . the breakdown is 2000lt of water and 4000lt of waste.

Vansite Amenities Caravans

Incinolet toilet caravan – This caravan has male female toilets with a total of 3 cubicles. The caravan utilises the Incinolet toilets . these toilets burn the motion into a table spoon of sterile ash , which can then be disposed of in the general rubbish. Totally eliminating the need to transport the waste , This designed can be changed to increase the number of toilets and size of the generator.

Vansite Amenities Caravans

Custom Toilet facilities – Can find what you are looking for, do not worry , 25% of out business comes from custom design & builds. Some other layouts include the following:  Office platform with toilets facilities; Other layout : 6.4 series shower laundry; 7.2 events series bathroom; 7.0 incinolet series.

All of our current office models are available with the incinolet toilet option , for more information call our office on 07 55 639 724 of grant on 0419 737 646.